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Hand Dripper

2021 Project


Design Concept

A dripper that breaks away from a typical dripper's rib and gives a unique and soft feel to the inside of the wavy wall. The product is made by structurally thoroughly calculating the filter universality, thermal conductivity of the material, and the extraction speed of the structure, which are both designally elegant and important elements of the dripper.

전형적인 드리퍼의 리브를 탈피해  물결모양의 벽면 안쪽 리브살이 유니크하며 부드러운 느낌을 주는 드리퍼. 디자인적으로 미려하면서도 드리퍼의 중요요소인 필터 범용성, 재질의 열전도성,구조에 의한 추출 속도를 구조적으로 철저하게 계산하여 만들어진 제품.

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